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5 09 2008

Obviously this is not my first post but this is my first post for class (Tech Task #2). I know it’s a little early (ok a lot) but I like to be on top of things.

Some things I did talk about in my first post, but that’s alright I’ll talk about something else.

I guess the first thing is first. What are my previous experiences with technology? Well, as I said before my high school was fairly small (about 700 people at the time), it was also a very old high school. That being said I didn’t get a lot of experience with technology while I was going to grade school (other than getting used to the security cameras when they put them in). Then again, I always liked to make videos for presentations, or power points when I got the chance. I have never really liked public speaking so when a teacher said that we could record a presentation on camera and present it, I would usually do just that. My very first experience making a video presentation was actually in grade nine when I decided I would take a psychology 20 class. I got top marks on it at least. I have had some experience with power point presentations, this is actually one of my favorite ways of presenting. I prefer Microsoft Office’s program but I have also had experience with Open Office. I love that with a power point you can use your own pictures and be able to have an entire audience see what you are thinking instead of just standing in the front of a class and trying to make a point.

Enough of that though. How do I feel about technology in classrooms? Well, I see both sides to the argument of should it or shouldn’t it happen. Personally I feel as though students should be learning how to use technology, because that is the way the world is going. Though, I do not believe students should be learning how to use technology in schools before they know how to read and write properly. I find that because of many teachers insisting on assingments being typed, students rely too much on spell check and grammer check and all the other ‘benefits’ of using a computer to do assingments. Don’t get me wrong, everyone should be learning how to use these things but not so much as they need to rely on them.

Different websites highly promote the use of technology. There are chatrooms for all sorts of things, sites to find or reconnect with friends (facebook, myspace, friendster etc), and sites like youtube to mention just a few. We also have messenger services, cell phones, mp3 players, iphones, numerous gaming systems, laptops, the list goes on. Some of these technologies are great, where as others it almost seems technology is going a little too far. It’s great, I guess, to be able to do absolutly everything from your own bedroom, maybe just answer the door every so often. In this ever-changing world we don’t even have to go to the grocery store (or any store for that matter) if we don’t want to; we just have to look up a company on the internet, give them our credit card number and whatever we want will arrive on our doorstep. We no longer have to leave our homes for excersise (not that we couldn’t do this before, it has just gotten much more technological), or to see the outdoors. All we have to do is boot up our computer and look at ‘nature’, turn on our wii which will measure our fitness levels and show us our progress.

Cell phones, well that’s a whole new ballpark. Cellphones are great things, but I personally do not believe they should be seen or heard in classrooms. Why do I say this? Simple, most people still use cellphones for one thing, communication. Sure, cellphones can do all sorts of different things but, the main reason we have them is for communication. There is a reason we all go to school, to learn. To listen to our teachers and do as we’re told. Sure we can look things up on the internet, when it is time to do so, but we are there to listen to our teachers. Many (granted not all) people who carry a cellphone into a classroom and are constantly ‘fidgeting’ with it are using it for that one main reason. This not only distracts that one person from learning, but also the teacher and the other students in the classroom. Yes, I do have a cellphone with me most of the time. The difference is, when I enter a classroom it is either turned off or on silent, and I do not look at it until I leave the classroom or there is a break.

I enrolled in ECMP 355, mainly because I had to, to be honest. But, now that I am in the class there are certain things I would like to hopefully learn. I hope to learn how to use some of the different technologies that I don’t know about and that I am interested in learning. To be honest, I personally don’t like the idea of youtube/podcasting but that’s just me. I hope to learn about how to make different types of presentations more than I already know (and I am sure it would help others to). Of course, having the first class of ECMP ‘under my belt’  I know that I should be expecting to learn a lot about technology so of course, I will be expecting to do just that.

This should be interesting!


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6 09 2008
Dean Shareski

You’re off to a great start. I appreciate your honesty. I hope we address many of your concerns and perhaps allow you to see some new ways technology can be used in the classroom.

By the way, the fact that you’ve figured out how to add photos and videos makes you a potential “teacher’ in this class already.

6 09 2008

Thanks very much for your comments! They are greatly appreciated.

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