Looking ahead, and behind

10 09 2008

I have been doing a bit of research on how teachers in different areas are using technology in their classrooms. I am finding out quite a bit actually. I won’t divulge too much information as I hope to use at least some of my research for my final project. I will say however, that I am finding out about a number of different programs that teachers (specifically in the US are using). So far I have found out information about technology from a fairly new elementary teacher and an older middle school teacher. Both of them are from rural areas. It is great to see teachers who try to look past the disadvantages of their schools and use as much technology as they can.

I have also been looking ahead at some of the assingments for the ECMP class. I have actually already finished one of them and others I have either been looking at or have already started. In the process of writing all the ‘stories’ I have actually found out how to problem solve. I had my first encounter with windows movie maker today. I definetely had some problem solving to do within that. Even though windows movie maker is set out fairly well, I can see how people who may not have much experience working with computers could get easily frustrated. Which got me to thinking:

If something as simple as windows movie maker can be frustrating for myself (someone who has been exposed to technology for awhile, and can usually figure things out by themself) then just think about the people who have not had the exposure to technology. What if students, as they are going through school, are not taght to use technology; where will that leave them once they get out into the all mighty ‘real world’?

This just proves that it is in fact important to use technology in the classroom. Now this also gets me thinking about one part of the answer to how [we use technology in the classroom]:

it is not only important for teachers to use technology. I mean, sure it’s great if we put up a powerpoint or use a smart board. Yay, our students get to see technology in action! But, isn’t the real point of education to learn and to teach? Should we not be doing more than just showing our students “hey, look! I can do this!”? Should we not be showing them how to do these things ourselves? Again, taking a look back at that ‘crazy’ teacher in my grade eleven year. She put powerpoints on the wall of the class so that we could all easily follow along, and that way we were more likely to take notes as well (it’s true, we all are aware of it). Of course most of us (no, not everyone) knew that it was a powerpoint and she had used some program that was on her computer that she had brought from home. What she didn’t tell us, or show us, was that we could create the same thing if we had a computer at home.

The next assingment she told us that we could make a power point presentation. That was great! For some of us. Those of us who knew how to make a power point thought it was great. Those of us that knew how to make one, were thrilled by the idea and made a powerpoint. Which just ended up frustrating about half of the class even more. Would it not have been appropriate for the teacher to show everyone at least the basics of how to create a powerpoint before she said that we could make one if we wanted to for the next assingment? Looking back at it now, it would have made for a lot less hurt, frustrated and embarrased people. But, I am sure now that she has 5 years of teaching underneath her, she probably will never make that mistake again.


You cannot plough a field by
turning it over in your mind.

Author Unknown




2 responses

10 09 2008

Gasp, No Quote! Though an interesting entry.

11 09 2008

Well there is now! 🙂

Thanks for reminding me, I forgot this one.

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