Open Office

14 09 2008

For tech task number 4, I decided to look at the program called “Open Office” . I have heard of this particular program before but haven’t spent a lot of time looking at the entire program.

To be honest I still have yet to really look at all of the parts of the program but so far I love it. Open office is a free downloadable program that is basically … Mircrosoft Office (except for being free of course). The parts of the program that particularly are of interest to me are “Open Office Impress” and “Open Office Calc”. Impress is Open Office’s version of Microsoft Office Powerpoint; whereas Calc is the same as Excel.


Calc is set up great! Very simple to use and work in, I have actually already made a few different things using this part of the program. Impress is great, but I would much rather use Microsoft Office Powerpoint as it is set up much better. Don’t get me wrong, Impress is fantastic. I do believe once I figure out Impress completely I will be able to do much more with it than I ever did with Powerpoint. As I think you have figured out, the only problem I have at this point is that Impress is very difficult to find my way around.

At this time I do not know if I will be able to make use of Open Office on my blog but I know I will make great use out of both of these parts of the program in my future classroom.




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14 09 2008
Dean Shareski

Did you have Microsoft Office on your machine already? Certainly a great alternative if you don’t. I usually recommend it for anyone who can’t afford the regular price of MS Office, which is pretty steep if you’re buying it from a local retailer.

14 09 2008

I have only Microsoft Office Word. My trial version of professional expired awhile ago, so yes this is a great program. If I would have known about Open Office before I purchased Microsoft Office Basic I probably wouldn’t have bought it 🙂 .
Thanks for the comment!

14 09 2008

I think you have found a great program! I didn’t know there was anything like it out there. I’m sure at some point in time I will be able to make use of this program also. Geat work! 🙂

17 09 2008

I didn’t know that there even was an alternative! I have always thought that everyone had to struggle with the same old MS Office. Thanks for the advice, and I’ll consider installing that on my laptop (Dell finally shipped it!) instead of buying MS Office.
*Just out of curiosity, what other programs or features does it have? Does it have a “Word” program?

17 09 2008

Yes it does. I should have gone in to greater detail about the program, my apoligies. Open Office is, like I said, basically Microsoft Office. It has writer (word), impress (power point), calc (excel), math (which I don’t believe has an equivalent) and base (a wizard program).
I hope that helps to clarify. I never used the majority of MSO so I don’t know if base and math of OPO have equivalents.

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