23 09 2008



To be honest I looked at a few different tools in google educator. I thought about how I could use these tools in my particular future classroom (a music class) and really I only came up with one that I could think of a use for. Blogger works for both music and drama classrooms (my major and my minor).

I believe that to implement use of blogger in my future classroom would be a great opportunity for myself, my students and everyone else involved. Using blogger would allow my students to share with me, outside of class. For drama and for music a blog would be better than a notebook journal. With a class site of blogs (only for the class, not for anyone else) the class would be able to share their personal in class experiences and be able to share ideas in a comfortable manner.

I know people who use blogger and they seem to like it. I did not sign up for a blogger account because I did not want to start a second blog instead I looked at the quick information and it seems like a great tool.





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23 09 2008
Kristine Kostyniuk

The idea of using the blog instead of a journal for classes is a great idea. This way it is easily accessible for others to see, as well as being paperless. The students would also be able to show the music or drama performance they were required to respond too.

23 09 2008

Thanks for your comment. It helps reassure myself that I am not completely insane haha. I think it would just be easier in music and drama classes to have an online ‘journal’, as these are the classes you don’t really think of taking paper and pen to.

24 09 2008
Dean Shareski

The power here is that they not only have audience but how else can you provide adequate time in class for students to reflect not only on their learning but support each other as well. Blogger is one tool and you’ll find out later in the class how one teacher leverages it to the hilt!

Stay tuned.

26 09 2008
Kyle Lichtenwald

I encourage you to also check out Google Docs. If your future drama and music students have google accounts they will be able to use Docs as well. Docs allows users to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Each user can be given permission to participate or contribute on a document which is housed online. Think of the potential this could have in drama when a group is collaboratively creating a script. At any time a group member can log in, make edits or additions and each group member will automatically have access to the changes or various versions.

26 09 2008

Thanks for your comment. We have actually looked at Google Docs in class and yes it is a great couple of programs. I never thought about the collaborative porjects for drama using it, so thank you for that. What a great idea!

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