PowerPoint Presentations

26 09 2008

Well I figured I would share something with all of you. I just wanted to show you some things you can do for a power point (I know some of you are better at it then I am but I thought I would show you anyways). I do not have microsoft powerpoint so instead I used open office impress (which I talked about in an earlier blog post). Open Office allows you to save in ppt format, which is what I have done.

This particular presentation was for my EMUS 300 class about a particular music education philosopher named Dr. David J. Elliott who is currently a professor at New York University but has spent the majority of his life in Toronto at the U of T.

I’ll be honest, this presentation is fairly long so you don’t have to look at all of it. Going through this presentation will allow you to see many different things that a power point allows you to do (the presentation took roughly 40 minutes). There is only one draw back to creating lengthy power point presentations and that is, the time it takes you to do them, this particular one took me probably close to 15 or more hours to finish. I did manage to find some great tips for making and presenting power point presentations that anyone who is making one should definetely look at.

My EMUS Presentation





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