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27 09 2008

I just had to say this, because I love the fact that I figured out how to do it.

The picture at the top of my blog (the header) is actually a part of a picture I actually took while I was in the Philippines. It is one of my favorite pictures from when I was over there, so I love the fact that I am actually able to crop it and set it as my header.


These are a couple of pictures I took, I believe the one that I am using as my header is the first one. Though it could be a different one as well because I took a few that look basically the same.






4 responses

29 09 2008
Dean Shareski

There’s certainly something powerful and personal about being able to use your own creativity in your work.

16 10 2008

Cool Pictures Hello again Ots katie Thanks so much for comenting on my blog come again!!!! Those pictures are cool were did you take them

16 10 2008
Andrea Prizeman

I took both of the pictures while I was in the Philippines in 2006. Thanks for liking them, they are some of my favorites.

16 10 2008

Hi, my name is Laura! I think the header picture is really beatiful and it must have looked even better in person! Come check out my blog on I am laurap!

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