A Life Changing Moment

2 10 2008

In 2006 I experienced a truly humbling, life-changing moment. When I looked back at the pictures, I was absolutely speechless, even though I had been speechless when I did it. In 2006 I spent 6 weeks in the Philippines. I stayed with some people I know through Rotary International who came through the GSE (group study exchange) program and spent time with the Rotary Club of Olds (in my hometown) of which my parents are both members and I have been involved with since my father first joined in its charter year.

While I was in the Philippines, I decided to do some Rotarian work. Before I left, I gathered what translated into $250 US. I then took this money and it ended up becoming enough school supplies for 90 students (a bag, pencil, pen, eraser, sharpener, notebook, crayons and a ruler) The bags I picked out for their ‘backpacks’ also are being used as rain protection (they are able to cover their heads with the bags to keep dry). I then went to 3 of the poorest schools in the country (I have a friend/brother who is very high up in Kumon in the Philippines, which is how I was able to go to these schools) and was able to give one class in each school, school supplies (which they would not have been able to afford themselves).

This particular picture I have put on here is from the absolute poorest school in the Philippines. It costs about $5 US ( I honestly forget if it is for the month or the year) for school fees. The students at this particular school struggle to afford this cost. The school understands this and allows students to go for months and months at a time without coming to school. The teachers simply put the work the students miss into a ‘cubby-hole’ so that the students will be able to make up for the time they missed whenever they are able to get back. This school is called Mithing Pangarap (translated means Cherished Dream), what a fitting title. The majority of the students in this school live across from the school in an area commonly referred to as Smokey Mountain. The area is named this because.. well the ground smokes. Why is this? Because the area is actually a landfill. Over the years the fumes from everything in the landfill have come to the surface. Everyone is aware that the ‘ground’ will collapse very soon, it has already collapsed once and ‘eaten’ a few hundred people. That scares me to no end. They are trying to move the people off of the landfill, but the problem is, there is nowhere to put them, and they cannot afford to move into the city.

Well I think that is probably enough ‘reflecting’ on the experience I had so onto why I started this in the first place: 

As per the first tech task (labelled tech task #6) for the October 8th class I have created a “Mastercard Priceless” video.

Unlike most (if not all) the videos I have watched I did not speak during my video. Instead…well, you’ll see what I did if you click on the link I inserted). I actually find, in the case of my video what I have done evokes more ’emotion’ then actually speaking. Or at least I have been told that.

But.. yeah. I hope you enjoy it!

I had a great experience making this video, it allowed me to revisit a very important time in my life. This video allowed me to look back at an event that changed my life (for the better) forever.




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6 10 2008

Hey Andrea. Your video is amazing and I love the story behind it all. Iam very jealous and impresed that you have already begun this tech task. I looked at them today and I must admit that I am a little stressed out about it. I don’t know how to make videos and such – but seeing yours today has already been helpful.

Thanks for being proactive 🙂

6 10 2008

Hey Megan!
Thanks for the comment! If you have Windows Movie Maker, it will be very helpful. If you do not have a windows system, I’m sure there is something on your system similar to Windows Movie Maker.
Good luck on your project!

7 10 2008
Amber Merritt

Wow, what an amazing expereince. That is great that you had the opportunity to help so many kids. It’s scary how somehting so trivial to many of us means so much to others.

7 10 2008

I agree! The entire 6 weeks really made me not take anything for granted anymore. Because, yes, what we take completely for granted in this country (food, school, shelter, running water etc), well it’s just that; we take it completely for granted. That is yet another way the experience changed my life 😀

9 10 2008
A Small Piece of My Life « Andrea’s Blog

[…] very important to me as is music. The last picture is a picture of what I referred to in my post “A Life Changing Moment” . This is a picture of my with two teachers and my ‘brother’ before I went to the last […]

9 10 2008

wow. thats all i can say. that is so amazing! That is freaking awesome!!! I was so excited about doing that mastercard commercial so i can make something really funny, but what you did is incredible. It has an actual meaning and is close to you, and in your video, the pictures speak louder than any words you could have put into your commercial. The music makes you feel like you are a part of the story, and it is all together just really awesome! haha good work!

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