The ‘Whack-it’ Game

6 10 2008

As per one of the tech tasks for last week, I finally had an opportunity to go searching for some blogs of interest. I found one in particular that I thought was interesting. After I read the most recent post, I knew what I would be writing about on my own blog.

I am sure we have all heard of the game Monster Mash or we would know it to see it, which is  why I have included this picture:

I knew I would be writing about this, because of being in situations before where students had difficulties learning the notes. This is how the game works: “I just run my stopwatch for one minute and play keys randomly on the piano. As I play each one, she has to name it as quickly as she can”.

I find that it is a great idea, and it is simple enough to be used with any instrument. I am sure, if done well, the student will be entertained and look forward to playing the game. Heck! They might even want to learn the notes! 🙂




3 responses

16 10 2008

Hi my name is kade.
Well I have never play that game, I havent evan herd about it but i’m going to look for it because it looks kinda fun.

16 10 2008
Andrea Prizeman

It’s ok that you have never heard about the game. Monster Mash is a game I used to play when I was a lot younger than I am now (maybe even when I was 6). It is a fun game. I’m sure if you are interested in finding it there is probably a newer version that has come out with a different name.

14 11 2008

That sounds like a really interesting game!! It must be a lot of fun!! I almost forgat to tell you who I am, my name is Laura. It sounds like a fun way to learn. Is it? You must be really good with music because you play a lot of instruments.

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