A Small Piece of My Life

9 10 2008

For Tech Task #12 we were given the task to show who we were in a few pictures, which could include text. This small bit of ourselves was supposed to intrigue people into learning more about us. Well here is my tech task #12. Unfortunetely I couldn’t find great colours for the text but it works.

To view the slide in full screen click Tech Task #12, this will open your power point program where you can view it as a slide show.

I was hoping that I would be able to put this directly onto my blog but I guess the link is the best I can do.

As you can see by looking at it, there is definetely one major part of my life, and that is volunteerism (through Scouts Canada and Rotary International), My family is also very important to me as is music. The last picture is a picture of what I referred to in my post “A Life Changing Moment” . This is a picture of me with two teachers and my ‘brother’ before I went to the last school.

I hope this small piece of my life intrigues you. If you want to know more, leave me comments and I will for sure answer your questions.




3 responses

10 10 2008

Hi how you doing you? You commented on my blog so thank you and I also wanted to comment on your blog. Do you want to be blog buddies? blog buddies is where l send letters to you and you send letters to me. By the way nice blog. Send me back a message if you want to. Well bye.

16 10 2008

Hi Andrea!
My name is Carly, I’am from Sunning Dale school. I’am sopposed to be bloging to you. How long have you been bloging for? This is my first year bloging. Bloging is now one of my favourite things to do. It’s so much fun to blog. What is your favourite thing to do in bloging? Write me back on my blog. bye.

10 11 2008

Hi,it’s me Alyssa.I go to Sunningdale School and I like your blog.It’s cool how you got to make a family thing.You are very creative.Well see ya soon,bye

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