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14 10 2008

In the midst of my ‘wonderful’ (feel the sarcasm there) Thanksgiving I was doing a last minute e-mail check before shutting off my computer. In doing so, I went to the yahoo homepage where my main e-mail sits (as it is a yahoo e-mail). On this homepage I quickly scanned the news scrolling across the news screen. As you can probably tell (seeing as I am writing this post) I am no longer shutting off my computer (which has to do with the article 😉 ) but instead am writing a post. I wanted to draw your attention to this article as I found it interesting and in no way is it not telling the truth.

When I saw the headline I decided “hey, why not take a look”, as I was reading I was very surprised that every example I read I could relate it to someone I knew (or even worse, myself). While at my aunt’s for the Thanksgiving meal I encountered this ‘problem’.  The ‘whole’ extended family usually comes over to my aunt’s and we have a meal and then either we stay and talk or everyone goes home to do whatever it is that they need to do. This year, we all sat down and ate and after the meal we were all in the livingroom talking and ‘watching’ the Hamilton/Montreal game (the Rider game obviously wasn’t on yet). As we were all sitting there I looked around and realized that someone was missing. I then went to investigate where my cousin was and realized that instead of spending time with the family he was playing a game on his computer (the strange thing is he just said last Sunday at another Thanksgiving meal that ‘he isn’t into the game thing anymore’). Everytime his mother called him, he would come down and stay for maybe a minute or two and then go back up and play his game again. I thought this was absolutely ridiculous.


Then I continued reading the article and it mentioned WOW (World of Warcraft). I had to laugh at this one, but not as in the ‘that’s funny’ sense of laughing but in the ‘I know’ sense of laughing. I know a number of people who are addicted to this ‘wonderful’ online MORPG (Multi-player online role playing game). Most of them (like any addiction) have no idea that they are addicted to it. Some of them can spend hours and hours playing the game, completely ruining any schedule that they may have had. Everything in their lives revolves around this game. “Oh my god! Guess what?!? I just completed that quest that I died 6 times trying to do” becomes the answer to the everyday question of “What have you been up to” or “How are you”.

I also know a number of people who are addicted to things like facebook and games (on the computer) like solitare, freecell, hearts and tetris. I think the way in which the world is going is more than a little ridiculous. Sure it’s great that we have all of this technology at our fingertips but when addictions start taking over the majority of people’s lives (and I do not refer to the majority of their life but the number of people this is beginning to affect) I think we need to take a step back. Now, I am well aware that addictions have been around for… forever but now more and more people are becoming addicted (to technology of all things).

Now as you have been reading this (and I hope you have taken the time to read the article) I want you to realize the irony of what both you and I have just done. Here I am saying that technology is addicting and blah blah blah; though I did not turn off my computer like I was going to, only so I could write this blog post. You on the other hand, probably have a million other things you could (and probably should) be doing but instead here you are, reading my post.

I loved the last paragraph in the article, it really does say it all:

“Blanchard, the self-confessed technology addict, crafted his own solution. He has deleted work email and Twitter alerts from his iPhone and ceased scanning blog posts on Google Reader while at home or out with friends. But he hasn’t let go altogether. When contacted him for comment, he Twittered out a message: “Just got an email from wanting to mention one of my blog posts. Pretty cool!””




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14 10 2008
Dean Shareski

I think there’s no doubt this is becoming a huge issue in today’s world. I have to plead guilty at times. I get to claim it’s part of my job and although it is, you have to shut off some time.

Balance and etiquette will be treasured qualities. As the technologies become more ubiquitous it’s tough. Before I had my laptop, I had to make a concerted effort to use a computer since it was in a specified location. iPhones and laptops means I can be connected much more.

While many would think this is as simple as having times dedicated times, it’s not that simple. I really don’t have a specific answer but welcome the discussion.

14 10 2008
Andrea Prizeman

I knew I would get a comment from you about this Dean 🙂 Which is good, because I wanted to see what you had to say about it.

I agree the mobility of technology now is really what is not helping the problem. Obviously there are things people do (like WOW) for example that they do (for the most part) in their own homes and for the most part do it on a desktop computer but that doesn’t mean that they don’t stay ‘locked’ in their room playing the game. But, for other things a phone (particularly that new iphone) a laptop, a ds, and a million other things have people constantly connected.

I am waiting to see what (if anything) others have to say about this.

16 10 2008

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27 10 2008

Yes computers. It is true. At times I catch myself on it for a long time. This class for example shows us so many great things about the computers, but is it good thing or a bad thing?

Well- When I was a small child my dad got us a computer. He put on “games” little did we know that they were actually learning games, like Mario typing. So we were happy children because we were playing games, yet we were also learning at the same time. I think this class is saying the same thing. Technology is something we have to understand is going to be apart of our lives and the next generations life. Therefore, we must educate them and find purpose in their computer journey!

Perhaps also a balance is in order. Remember to keep everything in your life a balance. The picture with the little guy sleeping, working, playing on the computer is a said truth for many people. Balance. everything needs to be balanced.

Really interesting blog! thanxs


8 11 2008
Andrea Prizeman

Sorry I didn’t comment back earlier Dana.
Thanks for leaving a comment and sharing that story!

You are so very right, everything in life needs to be in balance (not just technology/computer related, as we know). You are also very right (I was discussing this with someone today) technology is very much a part of the next generations and we definetely need to learn how to work ‘with it’ instead of ‘against it’.

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