Long Time No Blog

30 10 2008

I am afraid I haven’t had time to spend blogging lately, I do admit, I miss it a bit.

Well a few small things have changed in my life, so I figure I shall update everyone (even though it probably doesn’t matter to you).

First of all, this Tuesday I taught my very first trumpet lesson. It went better than I thought it would. I was paid for one lesson a week (each of them a half hour) up until the end of November. It might not be a lot of money but I know I will appreciate it! I can tell this is going to be a great experience for me!

The main reason I haven’t been blogging lately is I have been extremly busy. Why? Well that’s a good question. I have recently be added as staff to a website I now can say I officially work on. It is another one of my volunteer ‘gigs’ and so far, I love it! I currently hold three different volunteer positions on the site, all of which I put a lot of time into each and every day. For any of you who want to know more, you can either ask me in class (if you are in my ECMP class), or you can always send me an e-mail (if you have my e-mail).

The other new thing in my life, isn’t really new just different. The past two years I have been a Scout leader for the Glencarin 79th Scout group here in Regina; as of Monday I am now a part-time leader for the Regina 80th Cub Pack, which meets at George Lee School. I know that I am going to enjoy this group much, much more than the 79th, for a number of different reasons.

Of course I also have to mention that finally I have become an Ambassador at the U of R, so that has kept me very busy as well (especially last week with UR Connected).

All I can say is that I am very happy that I am not ‘working’ this year as I don’t think I would ever have time to actually be at work 🙂 . I put working in quotations as, the amount of time I spend on volunteer work makes it feel like work; other than I love to volunteer much more than I like to work as it means something to me. Only those of you who have spent hours and hours volunteering each and every day will understand the feeling that I refer to.

I am afraid I have no links that I can think of to put into this blog post, so I had to go with a few pictures instead 🙂


I hope you are all well!




One response

1 11 2008

Hi there! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. The little dog in the back, Gizmo is not my dog. Me and my mom and dad were sitting outside (I’m an only child) on the bench, and we saw Gizmo across the street. We called him and he came over. We never saw him before so, we walked him around a few blocks seeing if anybody recognized him but nothing. He had no name tag so we thought we would take him to the Humane Society at 12:00 since that’s when it opened so in the meantime I played fetch with him. When we took him to the Humane Society they said he lived a street up from us! So we said we’d take him to his home and the woman was very happy. She said I could walk him anytime! The also really cool thing is that yesterday on halloween ( I was a fortune teller) we went to his house and Gizmo came running to the door and the woman remembered me!!!! I was so happy to see him again! We took some pictures of me and him and I wanted him to be my backround! Well thanks for commenting on my blog!!!

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