5 11 2008

Well, I hate to admit it but I still have not been able to contact the one class I am supposed to be mentoring, so I am focusing on Sandi Kerney’s class. So far I am really enjoying it. It is great to be able to talk to the grade 6 students over in MooseJaw through their blogs!

I am enjoying asking students questions and getting them to elaborate on their blog posts. They have also been asking me questions when they are able to, which is great!

As some of us know, Ms. Kerney’s class has run into some trouble as they no longer have the computers in their classroom. But, nonetheless they are still blogging and responding to other peoples blogs when they are able to.





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7 11 2008

Hi. It’s me, Jory. It does suck that we don’t got any more computers in our class, but our teacher got 4 new laptops to put in the class. It sure is nice of you to mention us on your blog. PLZPLZPLZPLZ blog back to me at joryj.


14 11 2008

Are you still in school and for how long????

14 11 2008

We have computers now we have five baby laptops so when it is our tear we came write our own blogs. Do you have a laptop?

14 11 2008

Hi Andrea!!!

I like the picture above that says,”blog” thats so cute. I am not allwoed to put
a picture of myself because It idetifies me but I wish we could or just a normal picture, my teacher says it takes up to much room. How often do you go on my blog my mom always wants me to put a new entry every time something exciting happens, I do you know how often something exciting happens to me, alot!!!!!!!! Come back to my bolg after you read this comment!!!!! Talk to you later. Bye.

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