Final Project Update #1

9 11 2008

So, I figured I would take some time to blog about my final project.

I am very interested to see how classroom teachers of all subject areas are incorporating technology into their  classrooms. Obviously there are teachers who use class websites and blogs which is great, but I want to know waht else teachers are using in the ‘real world’. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to talk about how we want to use technology in our future classrooms but it is even better if we can actually learn what current teachers (old and new) are doing in their classrooms. I am interested in finding out about teachers who have to deal with a very small budget (or no budget) as well as teachers who have a massive budget.

I have e-mailed out a survey to a number of contacts that have a very large network of teachers that they have access to but unfortunetely I am not seeing any return out of this. I gave people a number of ways of contacting me, and I understand that teachers are busy this time of year (and especially at the beginning of the year when I first sent out the survey) but I was still expecting some sort of response.

I am not completely empty handed though as I have recieved some feed back through a forum I joined (specifically for teachers). Most of the answers were very minimal and simplistic but I did get one that was very in depth (and believe me I appreciate it) that really set my mind thinking. Even though I am not completely empty handed I definetely don’t have a fistful of information. I have five responses, and am still hoping that some of the other people that have been contacted will respond.

If anyone is an educator (it doesn’t matter what level) and would like to respond to my questions please let me know and I will send out the survey to you (it is very short and does not take very long). As well, if anyone has any teachers that they believe would not mind answering questions I will gladly pass along the survey to you if you wouldn’t mind passing it along to them.






21 responses

9 11 2008
Kelly Dumont

I would be happy to take the survey and could pass it along to some teachers that I work with as well.

9 11 2008
Beth Still

I’d love to help you out! I teach at an alternative school in western Nebraska.

9 11 2008

Bring it on…

9 11 2008

You can send me the survey and I’ll have a look. I may even be able to get a few others to look at it. See me

9 11 2008
9 11 2008
Kyle Lichtenwald

I would happy to complete the survey. Just send it over.

9 11 2008

Hit me with a survey!

9 11 2008
Lori Feldman

Count me in!

9 11 2008
9 11 2008
Sharon Harper

Happy to help, send the survey (if you want responses from downunder)

9 11 2008

Would love to respond to your survey questions 🙂

9 11 2008
Mavis Hoffman

Sure send it to me.

9 11 2008
Paul R Wood

Be happy to help and pass it along to other folks as well from my school.

9 11 2008
Susan Carter Morgan

Will do

9 11 2008

I’ll do it as well and pass it around if you’d like.


9 11 2008
sophie rosso
9 11 2008
Anne Williamson

Happy to help.

9 11 2008
Carey Pohanka

I would be happy to help you out. I will forward to my teacher friends as well. I teach in an independent school in Virginia.

9 11 2008
Carey Pohanka

I’d be happy to help out.

9 11 2008
Kate Tabor

Survey me! And I’ll share with some folks in the building that use technology frequently. I teach at a JK-12 independent school in Illinois.

10 11 2008

Hello!! How are you??? Thank you for commenting on my blog!
Your final project sounds cool! Is it going to be hard???? Let me know!!

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