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22 11 2008

Tech Task #17

The first podcast I listened to and decided to write about was a podcast by the Tenacious Teacher. The particular podcast I listened to was titled “3 Tips for Making Lesson Plans Work For You”. The following are her three tips, with some explanatory notes, which she gave. These are directly taken from the podcast, as there was no need to change them.

Tip #1:

“Personalize your lesson plan to your needs. Figure out what you need help remembering when you’re in front of your class, and make sure you include that information in your lesson plan. Make sure you write down what will help you be a better teacher.”

Tip #2

“Let your lesson plan enhance your teaching style.” Don’t worry about the rigidity of lesson plans if you value flexibility in your classroom. Use your lesson plan as a reference point, not as law.

Tip #3

“Use past lesson plans to reinforce concepts.” Great for review, and great to go back and see what worked. “Your lesson plans act as a list of fun, successful activities to choose from when you’re in a creative lull.”

I was looking through all of the educational podcast and then I saw the group of podcasts from Tenacious Teacher; this intrigued me, so I went looking. I know I will at some point, listen to the majority of her podcasts as there is some great practicalinformation in them, I’m sure. I found her three tips on lesson plans, quite relieving actually; we have been constantly taught (in EPS classes and curriculum classes) exactly what must be on lesson plans, this, is not the truth. This truth is very relieving because, I always found a ‘standard’ lesson plan to be fairly constricting, so it is good to hear otherwise.

I also listened to a number of podcasts by Mighty Mommy. I did this for a bunch of different reasons:

1) I have a whole lot of new 2nd cousins roaming around, and the information is always good to have

2) The information will most likely come in handy in the future

3) A lot of the information I found is transferable to the classroom

As I said, I listened to a number of different podcasts from this mother and I will list them here:

Homework Hassles – talks about how to deal with a child who doesn’t like to do their homework, and may not tell you (the parent in this case) if they even have homework. Mighty Mommy goes through how to set up a ‘homework space’ and to give positive things for doing homework (tv or game time for example)

Save Your Voice and Your Sanity- talks about not yelling because yelling tends to only get you angrier and the kids won’t really pay attention to you anyways.

But, He’s Always Good at Home- talks about dealing with aggressive children, when they are away from home (at school, daycare, or any other place that is away from parents).

Fun and Sillies- talks about how, sometimes it’s good to “let kids be kids”. It’s not about the mess all the time, it is about letting them be kids. She also talks about “getting the sillies out”, which will help to burn off some energy and is always a great bonding time.

I Swear- talks about what to do about kids swearing. At first, she says to ignore it; if it becomes too bad to ignore is when she says to talk about why they are swearing. She also talks about saying that swearing is unacceptable and discuss why swearing is unacceptable. One thing I really caught onto was, telling kids what the word they are using REALLY means, this may lead to the kid being too uncomfortable with the real meaning to continue using the word.

Little Helpers- talks about how to get work done without having to put the kids in front of the TV. Mighty Mommy talks about different jobs kids can do, as well as how to encourage them to help.

These were all great podcasts and I got a lot of great information from them! I can imagine I will be listening to the majority (or maybe even all of) Mighty Mommy’s podcasts in the near future. Mighty Mommy can also be found on www.QuickAndDirtyTips.com .




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29 11 2008

This is the Tenacious Teacher! I’m glad you found the podcast and found it useful! I hope you are enjoying Season 2. Thanks for blogging about it. Good luck in your classes and your future classroom.

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