My Future Classroom

23 11 2008


Tech Task 18 is asking us to explain what we would like to see our future classroom as.
I have been thinking about this, since my second year of University, and every time I look at it, my future classroom changes. As education students we are always asked about our future classrooms, and every time we are asked, we have to look at it in a different way.
Of course I think about the physical aspects of what my future classroom is going to look like, but I think the more important thing is how will I look, in my future classroom. What do I mean by this? I mean, how am I going to teach to my future students, what kind of teacher am I going to be, how am I going to respond to my students, and everything else that comes with all these questions.
After talking about technology in music, with a few other students in my program, we have come to the conclusion that technology is fairly easy to integrate into the music world; technology integration in music is easy, even if, as a teacher, I don’t want to change the music program completley.
What kind of teacher will I be?
That’s a big question, so a big answer is necessary. I will be the type of teacher who is understanding of my students. I will understand that the way in which the world works is changing, and I will be willing to change my teaching ways with the world. Because of this, I want to use technology in the best way I can. I would like to make use of class blogs, which will be used as journals; this would be different from normal music classes, and I realize that I could only do this if all of my students had access to a computer at home. I think it would be a great way to incoorporate technology into the classroom, and it would give students a place to ask questions and share their thoughts.
I would also like to use some programs like Google Earth to show students where composers have come from and where certain types of music has orginated. I know that the majority of students will know roughly where these places are, but to actually see the place on a map, would help students connect the name to the place.
If possible, in my future classroom, I would like to have access to a smartboard. Smartboards are a great tool in music as you can do things like compositions and save them, instead of writing it on a chalkboard and erasing it.
I want to be a teacher who is receptive to students, I want to be someone who my students can look to for guidance. I had an interview with Yvonne Redant, the music teacher at Martin Collegiate, and in a few short minutes I knew that, that was the teacher I want to be. All of her students were wishing her a good weekend, and she always has students who come to her for advice. I think that is the greatest sign of a good teacher (other than students having good grades).
All in all, I want to have a technologically advanced classroom and I want to be a teacher that is sympathetic and understanding towards my students. I want to be the teacher that other teachers see as having ‘the connection’ with students.



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