Final Project

5 12 2008

I originally was thinking of presenting my final project as a power-point of some form but then I realized that a power-point would be not a good final project in a number of ways:

1) I have been doing power-points for a very long time and therefore I felt it was perhaps beneath me and not using my abilities to their furthest extent

2) My final project didn’t really fit with a power-point presntation. I could not figure out how I would present my findings on a power-point

3) A power-point (no matter how interesting) is not very interesting, especially if it is not being presented by the person who has made it.

4) I would not be presenting it in class.

So, due to those 4 reasons and more, I decided that power-point was not the way to go. After explaining my project to a few of my friends, one of them got me thinking. I ran with that idea.

When I first decided what my final project was going to be, I thought that it would fairly simple to get the information that I wanted from teachers around the globe, due to my network. I sent out a survey for all of the teachers in my network to fill out, however I did not recieve any information from any of them. Thanks to Dean and his network I was able to complete my final project. I sent out a survey to everyone who was interested in completing it. The survey was fairly simple, asking teachers how they used technology in their classrooms, what they thought worked well and not so well, and if other teachers in their school used technology well. I got a number of different responses, all of which I found  very interesting.

Once I had decided on how I was going to present all of this information I then realized that I needed everyone’s permission to use the information they had provided me with on the internet (in public domain). I sent out a quick google survey to everyone who had said they were going to provide me with information, and I got quick replies from most of them. Those teachers who did not respond, I simply did not use their names.

While waiting for people to respond to the quick google survey I began to and finished creating a website. It is a very simple website, with not a lot to it right now. I hope in the future to continue adding information to the website  ( and I hope that it will be able to assist current and furture teachers with finding new tools and programs and knowing that technology integration really does work.

It took me a very long time to get all of the information together and put it on the website in an organized way. I looked over it and looked over it again, I had a friend of mine who is an English major at the University of Calgary look over it and double check spelling and other issues, which he could help me with.  I had my brother and the rest of my family look over the website as well, before I showed others.

In the future I will most likely be doing some HTML coding to change the colors a bit and make the website look a little better, as it is very plain write now. Unfortunetely I couldn’t do this by myself as I am not familiar with CSS or HTML coding, so I will be getting my brother’s help with this.

I have never made any kind of webpage or website before, so when I finally decided that this is what I wanted to do, it was a bit overwhelming. I didn’t even know where to start. I asked around and found one website that I felt very comfortable using in order to create my own website. Even though I found this website and eventually figured out a somewhat catchy name (with the help of another friend, as I am not good with figuring out names), I still had no idea where to go from there. I logged in to my website and there was a blank page staring me in the face, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what my website was going to look like. I just started writing, and I believe I have done a good job on my first website ever.




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