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Firstly I will just add in my new site: http://afprizeman.multiply.com/

Well let’s see:

My name is Andrea, though you can call me Drey (It really doesn’t matter though). I am 20 years old, with my birthday being on February 1st. I am originally from Regina, Saskatchewan but my family moved to Olds, Alberta in 1999. I now classify both places as my ‘home’ but I draw more towards Olds, to be honest.

My family consists of 4 people, my parents, my older brother and myself. I have two pets; my bordercollie dalmation cross Hughie, who lives with my parents, and my furry little hamster Buddy, who lives with me and my roommate. My family is very much into volunteer work, my father and I especially. My parents are both Rotarians and I hope to become one some day. I have tried to start a Rotaract club in Regina, but no Rotary clubs seem to have any interest. My father has been involved with Scouts Canada as a leader and board member for roughly 20 years; I have been involved in Scouts Canada as a youth and a leader for 14 years.

I am currently in my fourth year at the University of Regina, that’s right fourth. That being said I am currently between two degrees right now. I began my life at the U of R in the Bachelor of Music Education program and I have gone as far as is possible for myself in that program. I am taking this school year (2008-2009) to boost my GPA as much as I can so that I will be able to (hopefully) transfer into the Arts Education program next year. Currently I have a major in music and a minor in drama education.

Musically, I am well versed (so to speak). I began my musical life learning piano when I was four. I began ‘band’ instruments when I was seven, starting with trumpet. I moved on to trombone at the age of 9 and tenor saxophone at age 10. I began my first three instruments all while I was in the Regina Police Junior Band. When I moved to Olds Alberta I was given many opportunities due to the above average band program in the schools, especially in the high school. While in high school, I was given the oppotunity to learn flute, oboe and euphonium. I actually became first chair euphonium in the Red Deer Royals for a year (after that I stopped being a member due to being in grade 12). In my grade 12 year, and other years of my high school career, I was one of the top trumpet players (for high school obviously) in my school district. Over the past few years in University I have been able to learn a number of other instruments including, clarinet, tuba, and the many percussion instruments. Currently I own a professional keyboard, a trumpet, a trombone and a tenor saxophone. Though my trumpet, unfortunetely, doesn’t work I love it all the same. I have studied under a number of great people including: Joe Harry (of Regina), Barry Valeau (of Alberta), Neil Corlett (of Red Deer College), Brent Ghiligione (of the University of Regina) , Dick Raum (of the University of Regina), Yvonne Redant (of Regina) and John Griffiths (of the University of Regina)

There is a lot I could say, but I do believe I will leave it at that. Any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.
William Arthur Ward


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9 10 2008
Sandi Kerney

How exciting to have you blog with our class!! We have just read your “About Me” page and the students were just as impressed as I was with all of your accomplishments. I am hoping that each one of them will be able to post a comment to you on your blog some time today. We are still fairly new to blogging however we make up for it with our enthusiasm. The students blog on a 5 day rotation. While that group of students write in their blogs, the other students write in their journals. I leave the blogs open for them to post anything they want and then occasionally ask them to post something specific. Let me know if you are interested in keeping in touch, if you need my email address, or anything else.
Have a great Thursday!!

9 10 2008

Hi my name is Jenna I am in Mrs.Kerneys class we have some neet blogs full of writing and stuff you should come check out mine

sincerly Jenna

9 10 2008

Hi my name is Robin you should defently come on to our class blog.Our blogs are so cool (well of course there cool because our teacher made them).

9 10 2008

Hey Wow You play a whole lot of instruments i wish i could play as many instruments as you. Join our class i hope you will blog to me one day Wow you are already on your FOURTH year of university Wow amazing i have a big conection because well i play vilon piano and clarient well not a big conection but with the music. I Am well was in girlguides it was so much fun how much fun it really is to be a girlguide leader All the things you do sound amazing i wish i was as cool as you.I Have a Question Were you really busy when you were a Kid??? Well anyways come visit me at my blog its called katiema

Well See ya!

9 10 2008

Hello! Thank you for commenting on our blog. Ithink It will be fun to be able to have someone new to comment to! I hear you play a lot of instruments. I play an Instrument to! I can play the recorder and piano. It’s fun! What got you into starting to blog? You seem to like it. Please comment on my blog. It would be cool if you could! I blog on Thursday. Bye! From Kimberley

9 10 2008

Hi my name is Joel i hear you can play alot of insterments I can play 4, I play the recorder, the piano, and the Guitar.

To get to my blog you go to sandikerny.21classes.com

9 10 2008

Hey Andrea this is baileyw aka (awsome aisan guy) wundering how long did it take to learn all the insterments you know how to play. I know how to play gutar and triing to get my dad to get me a drumb set. comment my blog cya.

9 10 2008

Hi my name is ty

9 10 2008

Hi I saw you went on my blog so we thought you should go on yours thats a nice picture I played the trumpet lastyear it was fun my brother used to play trumpet do you have any brothers or sisters oh and I also have a little brother whats it like being in universtity I went for a day to universtity with my cusin oh NICE blog!!

9 10 2008

Hello my name is Daniel and your blog looks really cool! But serioulsy how did you get into Uni so fast?! It’s amazing how many instruments you play. As for me iv’e been playing guaiter for 2 years. I’m really hoping you canb comment on my blog on my blog. My user name is danielbro. see ya!

10 10 2008

hi my name is madelaine. I like your blog and can you come visit mine if you ever have any spare time. How did you get in University so young? well you seem really nice. well I have to go bye..

12 10 2008

Thanks for answering on my blog!!! Again I love your blog I hope you can come and see mine in your spare time oh and you probly have billions of homework in university some one from my home town is going to university in Regina his name is Brandon do you know him hes in farming or something like that. My birthdays in February too!! do you live with a roommate? And is it fun to have a roommate? My cusin go’s to Winnipeg university its big!!! and I mean giant!!! “anyways got to go bye Drey”

15 10 2008

I think it is really cool you can play that many instruments. I wish i could do that. i am leaving you this message beacause my teacher Mrs.Kereny she read us about you and. we would love it if you could drop by our blog and cheack it out and comment on some of our entrys it would be really cool. thanks i hope you have fun with everything. I got to go do some homework of mine thanks bye!

16 10 2008

Hi. I”m jory. Wow, I’ve never bloged to a university kid. This is sweet!!! Just to tell you, we all get to blog once a week min and can go on to edit anytime we can! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE blog back!?!?


16 10 2008

Hi ,I’m Colby I think youre blog is awsome .

16 10 2008

I like your blog! Thank you for commenting back! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good! Well please comment back soon, and I’ll blog you back again too! Hope to hear from you soon!

16 10 2008

hi again thanks for commenting on my blog can you please keep it up! i am having lots of fun talking to you! well bye!☻☺

16 10 2008

hey agian its me!! agin i LOVE your blog its realy cool i got some new stuff on it come see it agian i love your blog BYE!!!!!!!!!

9 11 2008
Carolynn Bruton

Hi Andrea I will be happy to fill in your Technology survey. I am the computer teacher at a junior school in Cape Town, South Africa. All the best CB

10 11 2008

Wow you’ve been to alot of places in 6 years. I wish I could go to all those places but I cann’t. How where your trips? On another subject you play alot of instrument. How do you remember all those songs

10 11 2008

hi agian thanks for commenting on my blog before i forget do you know how to play the trumpet have you ever been to carlyle or moosejaw saskatewan i use to live ine carlyle now i live in moose jaw

14 11 2008

I like your blog how much insterments do you play i play the guitar, drums, and trumpet.

14 11 2008

Oh because it kinda seemed like you’d been to alot but i guess not. So where was you favorate place to visit? Did you meet new people? Seen new things? what was your favorate thing to see or meet?

25 11 2008

Hi,I am Alyssa and I go to Sunningdale School.You play instruments.Know that’s cool.Well what is your favourite instrument?Me.I don’t have a favourite.COOL!

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